Ashlyns Farm Shop
Epping Road
CM16 6RZ

Tel: 01992 525146

Easter Is Here

Easter Confectionary Now In Stock

Ashlyns Organic Farm Shop

Welcome to the shop, it was the one that started it all. Ashlyns Organic Farm Shop has been here from the start, and is still one of the most lovable vibrant places. The shop offers a variety of choice from your everyday needs, to tasty unique products that cannot be found in your average supermarket.

Here at ashlyns we like to create a positive atmosphere, make people feel welcome and our friendly staff are more then happy to assist you in anyway possible.

We will do whatever we can to fulfil your needs and requirements!

Our team look forward to seeing you!


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    Delicious Sweets

    Variety of sweets including a mixture of retro sweets.

    We also have a range of sugar free sweets.

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    New Products to Ashlyns

    Here are some new Delicious Products to make your Taste Buds Tingle

    Soya Bean Noodles, Green Soya Bean Noodles, Black Soya Bean Noodles.

    Yah Rah Dog Food

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    Ashlyns Shop

    We try our best to source as much Organic and Local produce as possible where possible, we feel it is important at Ashlyns to support small producers & family businesses in our local area.

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    Ashlyns Butchers

    Venison & Rabbit Back In Stock, Order Now.

    In the far corner of the shop your find Ashlyns Butchery, where there is a wide range of fantastic meats to choose from of which the butcher is more then happy to prepare to certain needs and requirements!

    Here at Ashlyns our meat is all locally sourced, providing the customers with the best quality meat and supporting the local producers

    Marinated meat packs NOW AVAILABLE, 5 Chicken Legs For £5.00, Chicken Crowns £5.00 Bulk Orders Can Be Taken

    Orders can be placed by telephone

    To place an order or for any more information please call us on 01992 525146 and ask for the butchery department.

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    Health section

    Ashlyns health section is here!

    Here at Ashlyns farm shop we pride ourselves supplying the most essential health products to include;

    Vitamins & Minerals

    & Much more!

    If there is a product you would like, please ask and we would be happy to order it for you.

    We also have our own health practitioner to answer any questions you may have…

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    Ashlyns Fruit & Veg

    Ashlyns Farm Shop prides itself on its fruit & veg department. All of our fruit & veg in the shop is fresh, organic, and locally sourced fruit & veg is available when possible.

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    Ashlyns Delicatessen

    Lovely Selection of Handmade Pies, Quiches & Cheeses Available, Fresh Olives, Peppers Stuffed with cheese, Seafood Salad and Much more


    The Delicatessen is where you will find a wide selection of various different types of cheese’s to satisfy all kinds of different taste buds!

    You will also find a selection of Olives, Stuffed Peppers, Seafood Salad and not to forget our selection of Sliced Meats etc.

    We  stock a wide variety of exceptional handmade Pies, Sausage rolls and Pasties!

    We Also Made Homemade Scotch Eggs, Lasagne and Cottage Pie.

    Potato Salad and Coleslaw is also available!